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Sho-G Office Privacy Screen


The PL-SHOG Privacy Screen is your new home office companion.

Inspired by traditional Japanese shoji screens, the SHŌ•G™ brings peace to your work from home experience. Simply unfold the SHŌ•G™ Privacy Screen around your chair and launch your workday. The SHŌ•G™ computer privacy screen enables you to make video calls, host telework meetings, and stay focused in home office environments.

Reducing ambient noise by 90%, the SHŌ•G™ computer desk privacy screen gives you echo-free audio and distraction-free video meetings. A fully freestanding privacy and video background screen, the SHŌ•G™ doubles as a home office partition, useful in shared spaces or converted workspaces.

The SHŌ•G™ is a portable partition that requires no assembly. When you're ready to work, unfold the panels and transform your home office into a quiet, distraction-free zone. As both a home office privacy screen and a portable room divider, the SHŌ•G™ enables you to look and feel professional, no matter the distractions in your work environment. As a fully flexible solution, the SHŌ•G™ folds up for quick and easy storage when you no longer need an office room divider.

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