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Modern Technology furniture needs to adapt to the specific requirements of K12 schools, universities and private sector IT departments. One way to get there is the right combination of accessories to modify the furniture for specific applications.

SMARTdesks can help you put it all together. We have helped countless private and public organizations develop technology furniture solutions around their unique needs. And since we've been in business since 1997, we can steer you to the combination of customizations and accessories that will give you the best results.

Product Lines

Computer Lab Accessories

Computer lab furniture needs a range of accessories, including keyboard trays, CPU holders, desk dividers and more. We're here to help. In addition to an array of furniture solutions such as computer lab desks and technology tables, SMARTdesks carries a full line of accessories necessary to modify your furniture setup to your exact needs.

Conference Room Furniture Accessories

Modern conference rooms tend to have exceptionally specific and technical requirements, partcularly if features like teleconferencing and multimedia are involved. And because of the nature conference room attendees, presentation and reliability are absolutely critical.

SMARTdesks has worked with numerous corporations across the United States in providing conference room furniture solutions. Our accessories can provide the unique combination of function and form that modern companies expect.

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