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Polycarbonate Face Shield (Pack of 10)

  • Our polycarbonate face shields provide affordable and easy to clean PPE for teachers and employees during the age of social distance protocols
  • Polycarbonate face shields create a transparent shield between you and the people you interact with. Our face shields are well-designed, rounded sheets of plastic attached to a headband that suspends the polycarbonate in front of your face. The plastic barrier serves as a sneeze guard and aids in catching droplets that are emitted from the nose in mouth. Note that these shields do not protect against aerosolized particles, however they do protect your eyes and other mucous membranes from germ droplets.
  • It is critical to pick a face shield that covers your entire face. The shield must be positioned about 0.5" to 1.0" above your eyebrows. Our polycarbonate face shields are designed to adjust snugly but comfortably around your head
  • The adjustable headband is also a great feature to ensure a customized fit.