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Computer Desk CPU Holder

Various forms of technology furniture, from computer lab desks to collaborative tables to conference tables, incorporate some form of built-in desktop computer which needs to be housed in some form on the desk itself. In business since 1997, SMARTdesks carries a range of CPU holders that can support your computer equipment safely and securely.

Certain environments such as computer labs get a substantial amount of traffic. SMARTdesks has responded with a line of under desk CPU mounts that will hold your devices firmly in place and out of the way of your users.

Computer labs see a range of different form factors in desktop PCs, including conventional towers and small form factor units. SMARTdesks has responded with under desk computer mounts in a range of sizes to accommodate the range of form factors on the market today. We even carry specialized holders for the Apple Mac Mini®.

CPU Trolleys

Depending on the environment and application, some desktop towers need to be mobile enough to move with a space. SMARTdesks carries a line of CPU trollies and dollies that will accommodate larger CPU towers and small form factor cases, can be wheeled across a variety of floor surfaces, and are sturdy enough to protect your equipment.

SMARTdesks accessories can be used to modify a range of different forms of technology furniture to fit your unique space and requirements. Please contact us today to learn more.