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Podium & Lectern Lights



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Computer Desk Lamps

Having the right computer furniture in place doesn't mean the space has proper lighting. And in settings such lecture halls and conference rooms, lighting may be dimmed at times. SMARTdesks offers a selection of desk and podium lights so you can have light on hand when you need it most.

We have a range of computer desk lamps that can be integrated with your technology furniture setup, such as computer lab desks and computer tables. Our desk lamps include a selection of next-generation LED lamps, including USB-powered lamps as an option. SMARTdesks computer furniture comes with power connectivity integrated, so adding lamps to your desks can be a snap.

Podium Lights

In lecture halls, lighting may be dimmed for multimedia presentations, leaving presenters at a potential disadvantage. SMARTdesks lighting options can make the difference. In addition to more conventional podium lighting solutions, we offer state-of-the-art LED lamps, generating substantial light while consuming substantially less energy.

SMARTdesks carries a full range of technology furniture solutions, including technology tables, seating, conference tables and collaboration tables, that can be adapted to your particular space and requirements. To learn more, contact us today.